You can heal your mind and body by using the somnambulistic state of trance.

  •    It is a simple and easy way to put you into the deepest possible state of trance.
  •    It is a very powerful force that has answers to all your questions.
  •    It is the part that does instantaneous healing of the body, if you need it.

The Higher Self, the High Consciousness, and the Oversoul, are so big and so huge that they contain the answers and solutions to everything.

It is Love.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique uses past life regression to give you mental and physical healing and give answer to any situation that you have in your life. This is done by accessing your subconscious, some people call this intuition.
Under hypnosis your subconscious will show you a past life or past lives to give you analogies for your current life, which will help you understand the conflicts and discomforts in this life, as well as answers your questions and help you learn the lessons to move forward. Because we seem to relive the same situation till we learn how to deal with them in the right manner. After the pest life has been viewed, I will talk to the subconscious directly and this is when the healing is done and you get the answer to your question.
The subconscious is very much different part of YOU.
Our conscious minds try to make sense of things, and analyze content to put them in the right order to make it fit our understanding or limitations.
The subconscious does not know limitations and only understands what’s best for you at that time.
The subconscious always tries to tell us things and when we don’t listen it keeps on trying, increasing the messages each time, until it hits us at the head with a 2×4, this is a major event in our lives, major illness or some sort of life changing experience. So we cause the sickness or discomfort ourselves, then we can heal ourselves to.